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Country Time Farm products are all-natural pork products. The hogs are raised without the use of anti-biotics, hormones, preservatives, or MSGS. This is what attributes to the high-quality, fresh, and wholesome taste of the meat. Another attribute of Country Time Farm hogs is that the feed that is given to them is natural and free of GMOs or any other meat by-products. The added muscle makes for tough, tasteless meat. Country Time Farm hogs are raised indoors where they are allowed to roam freely around the barn, this allows the pigs to have freedom without coming in contact with any outside bacteria.

- Pork Tender Loin
- Pork Chops
- Pork Roasts
- Baby Back and Flat Ribs
- Fresh and Smoked Hams
- Nitrate-Free Bacon
- Sausage - Italian hot and sweet, Country, and made to order flavors
- Nitrate-Free Franks
- Marinated Pork Roasts and Cutlets Pork is marinated in Annie’s Organic Paradise Marinade
- Panchetta cured with sea salt, pepper, and spices

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