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Country Time Farm is located in the mountainside of Hamburg Pennsylvania where proprietors Paul and Ember Crivellaro run the farm. The Crivellaro family has been farming since the 1900s, originally as diary farmers in Easton, Pennsylvania. However, in 1980 the Crivellaros decided they needed to enter a new market and converted the dairy farm into a hog farm. In 1989 Paul and Ember Crivellaro needed to expand the farm, so they moved a few miles west to Hamburg. There they purchased 55 acres of land, and updated and expanded their hog farm. The Crivellaros saw an opportunity in the growing market of health foods and began raising chemical free hogs. Paul and Ember solely maintain and run the entire farm. They take special pride in their hogs, treating them as if they were their children. This is essential in providing the highest quality of pork imaginable. Since the early 1980s Country Time has grown from a small, obscure farm into one that provides the top restaurants in Philadelphia with incredibly healthy and great tasting pork.

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